The Beginning of Word Search Game


Like all created games, word search game has a history behind it and it is natural for a word game fan to know about it in order to understand the concept and the purpose of the game. Discovered about fifty years ago, the word search game was one of the most popular word games of all time together with crossword puzzles and scrabble. All of these word games has contributed a lot in the history of word games and have helped a lot of individuals in improving the knowledge that they have. Furthermore, the essence of the word search game will not be fully experienced by the one who is only a spectator of the game. The individual must participate in order for him to satisfy himself with how the game is and what’s it’s all about.

The Man behind the Game

The person responsible for creating the word search game was Norman Gibat. In Normal, Oklahoma, Mr. Gibat has published his word search game in the town’s local paper and not long after that, local school teachers have been requesting new copies of the game so that they can use it as a class activity. The popularity of the game has reached other areas and soon, teachers from other districts also want the newest copy of the word search game.

A Unique Change

Eventually, the world caught up with this amazing word game, and it never took so long since the word search game was being published in newspapers in every country and has been translated in different languages. As the world continued to adapt to modernization, the word search game also adopted to it and with the rise of technology, the game took on a new and more versatile form.

The Internet has changed and improved how the word search game is being played. Although the concept of the game remains the same and rules was never changed, still the online version of the game is a lot more unique compared to having to play on a weekly paper or tabloid.