Teaching Through Games


A lot of professional teachers have used word search as a tool in teaching students how to read. It has been observed that the kids are able to respond positively in this kind of strategy, and it was also noted that they learn a lot of words by playing word search games. Furthermore, the kids are able to recognize how the letters are arranged within a specific word thus improving their spelling skills. All in all, the word search game is a versatile teaching tool with both the teachers, and students are benefited.

How to modify the game?

In teaching kids new words, a teacher must be able to introduce images first prior to introducing the word. Kids can identify more with images and picture, so when playing word search game; it is a fun idea not to tell the kids what word are they looking for instead show them a picture that pertains to the word which they will look for in the word search game. By using this kind of strategy, teacher is introducing two related stimulus, which will definitely enhance the child’s knowledge about a lot of things.

Another advantage of using word search game in teaching is that it enhances the vocabulary of the kids. Every time they play the word search game in a class, the kids will be able to identify new words and know its meaning. Establishing a wide vocabulary in a child’s mind is very essential in the kid’s educational progression which will in turn create confidence in them and raise their self esteem.

Therefore, word search game is truly beneficial in all aspects of education. This may be for the teachers or the student; it really doesn’t matter. The main thing is that the word search game is a very versatile game which can be used for both entertainment and educational purposes and there is no other game out there that is capable of doing both at the same time.

Challenge that Special Someone with Word Knowledge

Obviously, most couples don’t spend much time doing things together. What happens usually is, they just go on a date, watch movie or go see a game or something like those stuff. Now you might say that those things that were mentioned are couples that do things together, but let me tell you that it’s not. Spending time with each other is really different with doing things together. Examples are, attending some charity events, where the couple could help others. Going to school and read to kids or even play a game that would mentally challenge both of them.